Nurture Yourself While You Nourish Your Baby

Postpartum Nutrition

Rest and restore with nutrient-dense foods and supportive practices that nourish you as a new mother.

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Postpartum Nutrition Services

Also known as the Fourth Trimester, the postpartum period is a special time to bond with your baby while practicing the art of deep rest! You’re also getting the hang of breast or bottle feeding and learning all about your baby in your postpartum bubble. When you give yourself time to recover and restore after giving birth, you’ll experience enduring mental, emotional and physical health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A postpartum consultation is a meeting with a clinical and holistic nutritionist after childbirth. The focus is on the mother’s recovery, supporting her physical health, and addressing any emotional or mental health concerns. The consultation offers personalised nutritional advice to support your recovery, boost your energy levels, and balance your mood. The long-term goal is to help you achieve optimal health as you navigate the journey of motherhood.

We cover topics such as breastfeeding nutrition, milk supply concerns, managing postpartum fatigue and depression, post-birth physical recovery, and maintaining a balanced diet for overall well-being.

You can book a consultation via the booking link, where you can select a suitable date and time for the online consultation. Alternatively, send me a message with any questions you have the contact page and I’ll get back to you.


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