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Baby Nutrition

Introducing solids is an exciting time for your baby! Let’s start with the basics…

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Baby Nutrition Services

This is an exciting milestone for you and your baby! It’s time to start exploring the world of food. Remember, there’s no rush to this process. It’s all about introducing flavours, tastes and textures when they are developmentally ready. There are some things to consider to make it enjoyable and safe for your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A baby nutrition consultation is designed to focus on your baby’s dietary needs. The aim is to ensure your baby gets all the necessary nutrients for healthy development. The appropriate time to book in for a baby nutrition consultation is when your baby is around the age of 6 months

Introducing foods and understanding your baby’s nutritional needs can be challenging. A nutrition consultation provides personalised advice based on your baby’s needs, development, growth, and any existing health concerns.

Some common areas covered include how best to introduce solid food, understanding their readiness signs, addressing allergenic foods, and a general wellbeing check-in for you and your baby.


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