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Simplified Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum: Empowering Your Journey to Motherhood

Elise Cowley
Elise with her daughter

About me

Hello, I’m Elise – a Mum and experienced natural health practitioner. I specialise in women’s health as a degree-qualified Nutritionist and Remedial Massage Therapist.

They say you grow through what you go through. Well, I’ve learned a lot after having a baby myself! Truthfully, becoming a Mum is both beautiful and challenging in countless ways.

I’m here to share the wisdom I’ve gained through my personal journey of motherhood and as a Nutritionist. I want you to learn the best ways to improve your fertility, experience a healthy pregnancy and foster the well being of both you and your baby.

You’ll get simple, personalised nutrition advice that supports you, without the overwhelm.

Your Nutrition Journey

Each life stage calls for personalised nutrition support. Whether you're preparing for motherhood, embracing your current season as a mother, or simply striving to regain your health, we're here to provide the support you need. Discover the benefits of a holistic nutrition consultation, tailored to your unique needs.

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    Fertility Nutrition

    Planning a baby? Let’s review you and your partner’s diet and lifestyle to boost your fertility and create the foundations for a healthy pregnancy.

    • Foods to optimise fertility

    • Learn the basics of preconception

    • Complete diet & lifestyle review for you and your partner

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    Pregnancy Nutrition

    Now you’re growing life! Let’s ensure you’re meeting you and your baby’s nutritional needs. Get simple, practical and specific advice for each trimester.

    • Foods to support a healthy pregnancy

    • Movement & mindfulness advice

    • Preparation for birth & fourth trimester

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    Postpartum Nutrition

    Let's nourish you while you nourish your baby. Learn about traditional postpartum foods to rebuild your body after giving birth.

    • Foods for postpartum recovery & healing

    • Safe exercises and movements

    • Breastfeeding guidance & extra support

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    Baby Nutrition

    First foods, baby! Learn how and when to introduce nourishing first foods for your baby to establish a foundation of lifelong health.

    • Learn when to introduce solid foods

    • Foods for gut health and immunity

    • Address feeding challenges & allergies

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    Child Nutrition

    As your child develops, their nutritional needs also evolve. Create healthy eating habits and give your child foods that support a growing mind and body.

    • Essential nutrients for growth and development

    • Establish a healthy relationship with food

    • Tackle fussy eating

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    General Nutrition

    Want to reclaim your health? Whether it’s gut issues or low energy, a personalised nutrition plan can help. Let’s help uncover your best self!

    • Total health & lifestyle review

    • Address common women’s health challenges

    • Referrals, testing and more

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